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Canadian Expat Assists in Strengthening Economic Ties Between Arizona and Alberta

As if we needed further proof of the value that Canadian Expats and Canadian organizations abroad provide both to Canada and to their host nations, October 15th marked another milestone in the growth of bilateral trade between Canada and the state of Arizona.  The State of Arizona and the Canadian Province of Alberta formally recognized an agreement based upon an Arizona statute that establishes reciprocity of enforcement of money judgments.  Due in no small way to the effort of Canadian Expat Glenn Williamson the founder and CEO of the Canada Arizona Business Council and Honorary Consul for Canada in Arizona. 


Working with the province of Alberta and the Arizona Attorney General the reciprocity will streamline enforcement of child support orders, make mortgage enforcement equivalent in both countries, and allow banks to offer lower interest rates and beneficial financing terms regardless of whether the borrower is a resident in Alberta or Arizona.  In short, it allows laws regarding financial dealings with parties located in the province of Alberta and the state of Arizona to be enforced, creating security and stability.  This will encourage even greater economic development between the state and province an already vibrant relationship.

“Canada continues its massive foreign direct investment into the State of Arizona – passage of regulations such as this stimulates even further growth. I think we will see increased investment into Arizona and vice versa into Alberta as a result of these forward-thinking regulations – this is true ‘North America thinking’ by leaders who see the economic effect of creating efficiencies in their jurisdictions.” Glenn said.

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