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A Canadian Expat’s Guide to Essential Canadian Products

It's one thing to go on a vacation outside of Canada, and a completely different one to shift your home base to a foreign country for a considerable amount of time. As an expat, homesickness is something that comes as part of the job. Traveling and living across the world means that visits back home are limited, and at times, people are unable to do that for years at end.


Although there is a constant debate on how commercialized we have become, and that often our happiness is associated with physical objects, when it comes to living in faraway lands, be it working in India or Japan, sometimes these very items can bring a lot of comfort and joy. Some might evoke a sense of nostalgia, while others are associated with fond memories. Then, some products make for excellent gifts, and others bring a sense of personal warmth and help your stay in a foreign land a little less challenging.

Maple Syrup

It’s as traditional and local as you can get, for maple syrup is Canada and Canada is maple syrup. The sweet gooeyness of this versatile syrup is extraordinary as you can have it with literally anything you like, or on its own. Now, maple syrup is available across the world, and we did see a bit of a scandal when it came to light that Canada itself imported maple syrup from the US, the prices of this delicious product are extraordinary in foreign countries due to its exclusivity. Moreover, it’s also worth taking a few smaller bottles of the syrup with you to give out as gifts, which most people will undoubtedly appreciate. 

Online Casinos

Canada always believes in leading with example, and two places where it stands out is the use of marijuana and online casinos. As one of the leading online casino states, there are several licensed operators in the country. Since gambling laws are different outside the Canadian borders, it is worth picking an online casino that has a mobile app or website so that you can continue to indulge in it even when travelling. You’ll find complete online blackjack resource for Canadians at Blackjack Canada, including offers and bonuses that further allow you to earn more with each game you play. It really is the perfect way to continue making the most of Canada’s liberal nature as well as utilise your free time to make money in a fun way.

Le Château or Roots Clothing

When you travel through the world, it's easy to realise that most countries have a few regional department and clothing stores that capture the essence of the people and local fashion. For Canada, both Le Château and Roots are exceptional Canadian brands that you are not going to find elsewhere. So, before you head on out for your long-term assignment, spend a little time wandering through the two shops and pick up local clothing that is not just unique, but also comforting on a personal level.

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Depending on your sense of adventure, this may or may not be your cup of tea. But the fact remains that Mountain Equipment Co-op makes some of the best mountain and adventure products in the world. And if your work takes you to a country where there are opportunities to hike, climb, camp, or enjoy the nature, then a visit to the Co-op before your travels might well be worth it.

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