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About the Canadian Expat

Cdn-Expat-Association2The Canadian Expat is a Non-Government community linking all Canadians living abroad under one bilingual platform. At nearly 9% of the total population of Canada, the estimated 2.8 million Canadians living abroad can connect regardless of where they are living in the world.

First opening its doors in the summer of 2007, the Canadian Expat offers the opportunity for members to search for global events, search for Canadian member companies operating around the world, read articles and obtain information that will help improve their lives while abroad. As an advocate for Canadian Expats, the we play a key role representing Canadians that until now have had no collective voice.

Our Mandate:

  • To provide a platform for Canadians to access already established Canadian clubs and business organizations around the world.
  • To provide Canadians with useful and interesting information to help make their lives better before moving, while abroad and when returning home.
  • To assist Canadian clubs and business organizations promote their organizations and activities to Canadians around the world.
  • To assist Canadian companies promote their organizations to Canadians around the world.
  • To work in partnership with related organizations and government offices to promote the cultural and economic development of Canada and Canadian Companies in order to improve the lives of Canadians both living in Canada and abroad.
  • To act as an advocate for Canadians that are living abroad. To provide a voice for the community of Canadian Expats.

A growing list of benefits are available to all paid members of the association.

Members can:

  • Join an online group hosted by another Canadian living in their area
  • Receive regular updates about the Canadian Expat and our members
  • Receive our bi-monthly Canadian Expat online magazine — including information about legislation that may effect CEA members and stories that are of an interest to our members.
  • Search for events in our global events calendar
  • Post their resume or search for jobs in our dedicated job bank
  • Find a Canadian Club or a restaurant owned by a Canadian in their area by searching our Global Directory
  • Gain access to our entire database of articles about taxes & finances, immigration and other issues that are of interest to Canadians living abroad

More importantly however, membership helps us take your voice to Ottawa to address the issues that are important to Canadians living abroad.

We are active in addressing issues surrounding Citizenship, Voting and Taxation issues.

Corporate Members